It is well established that marketing in the Moroccan agricultural sector relies more on direct marketing; Agricultural trade shows and exhibitions; B2B prospecting missions or event animations while the adoption rate of digital marketing remains below the level reached by other sectors such as tourism, for example.

However, with the pandemic, digital technology has been of great support for the continuity of professional activities in several fields and has triggered, in Morocco, an exponential trend of acceptance of digital marketing in this sector.

It is in this context that the company Food & Beeyond has put this website with the ambition to regroup the “Product of Morocco” offer from partners, farmers and industries Agri-food in order to develop and strengthen the presence of their products on international markets through first of all the design of his platform which is based on a native referencing in Internet search engines and then through a permanent digital strategy and promotion near of local and international professionals.

The “” platform is presented as a central virtual exhibition market for Moroccan agricultural products for a global audience, thus allowing our partners to reduce communication and promotion costs, and is also presented as a complementary support tool to the  Internal sales teams of companies and farmers.

Fruits And Vegetables From Morocco

The objective is to connect international buyers and Moroccan producers in optimal conditions of success through professional commercial follow-up from the start of the first contact until the conclusion of the business opportunity

On the other hand, the platform has allocated a space dedicated to local distribution which allows suppliers and cooperatives with a point of sale and the necessary logistics to offer their items to the local market with the option of home delivery or collection in store.

Beyond the aspect of display and promotion of the content  “Food & beeyond” monitors  markets in the agricultural sector in order to bring to its partners a contacts or new qualified and adequate prospects as close as possible of the needs of targeted prospects to a decision-makers partners, through a personalized approach of the prospecting provided by high-level sales support team

At “Food and Beeyond” we are convinced that the promotion of agricultural products and the stimulation of sales via the digital marketing channels go through intense and the constant efforts of a committed team based on the intrinsic skills of each.

Indeed, the “Food and Beeyond” team is made up mainly of laureates from international business schools and digital marketing and is supported by an IT expertise.

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