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Honey is a sweet substance made by honey bees from nectar or honeydew. They store it in the hive and feed on it throughout the year, especially during unfavorable climatic periods. It is also consumed by other animal species including the human species which organizes its production by breeding honey bees.

There are several varieties of honey:


Source of nectar foraged by bees on spontaneous and natural plant associations in Euphorbia stands in the Atlas Mountains region.

Main characteristics

Color: dark gold.
Odor: floral and phenol.
Taste: bitter and peppery in the throat.

Arbutus honey

Source nectar collected on the vegetation of arbutus pargois called strawberry tree is a species of shrub or small trees of the Ericaceae family, which grows on the entire western Mediterranean rim but also in the north of the eastern rim. Its fruit is called Arbutus.

Main characteristics

Appearance: brown color, very homogeneous and not crystallized.
Odor: very faint odor of floral, smoky and fermented origin.
Flavor: very bitter, spicy, moderately sweet and has a medium intensity of aroma of the floral arbutus note.

There is a 300 kinds of monofloral honey .

The color of honey varies from almost transparent white to dark brown / black.


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